Dodo charm bracelets

How Dodo Jewellery Can Compliment Your Style

Do you always accessorize? If you do not have a large collection of jewellery, you should consider shopping for a few accessories you can add to your favorite outfits. Jewellery also makes great gifts and will show your significant other how much you care.

Dodo jewellery is an original choice for your accessories. Dodos, the flightless birds, were the inspiration for the first pieces that were created. The collection grew over the years and you can now purchase some items that are not related to dodos from this brand.

Dodo charm bracelet

Dodo charm bracelet

The dodo is not an animal that one associates with beauty or grace, which is why it is such an interesting choice for jewellery pieces. Dodos were a common sight on the island of Mauritius but they disappeared in the 17th century. These birds were too large to fly and probably had a very clumsy appearance judging by the drawings of sailors who saw these birds.

Dodo jewellery has an impressive collection of charms, including pieces shaped like the dodo bird. Adding a dodo bird to your collection of charms is a fun way to show your individuality and love for the animal kingdom. You can also add letters or symbols of good luck to your charm collection. A good charm should be meaningful to you, which is why it is important to select pieces that truly reflect your personality.

Matching charms are a great gift for a close friend or a significant other. You can both wear the same charm on a bracelet or a necklace. Dodo jewellery has many other charms depicting animals so you can symbolize your love with an animal that represents you. Some charms are beautifully adorned with small diamonds if you want a truly special piece.

The charms offered by Dodo jewellery are made from 18kt yellow gold. The dimensions and prices vary from one product to another. You should check the Dodo jewellery website to find out more about the dimensions of the charms and the pricing. You can also find silver charms already mounted on a silver bracelet if you want a more affordable item or simply prefer silver.

If you are starting your charms collection or want to find an original gift for a friend or a significant other, get a nice bracelet from Dodo jewellery. You can find some nice souvenirs bracelets with charms spelling out the name of different cities or decide on a simple bracelet so you can add the charms you want.

Dodo jewellery also offers a good collection of necklaces and chains. The charms can be used as small delicate pendants if you do not want to wear a chain by itself. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your significant other, take a look at the earrings and the rings from Dodo jewellery. There are some nice dodo-themed pieces and more traditional designs as well.

Dodo Amore red heart charm

Dodo Amore red heart charm

Dodo stands out because of its originality. If you think that the pieces offered by other jewelers all look the same, you need to take a look at the products offered by Dodo. You can choose to make a strong statement about your individuality by wearing one of their dodo-themed piece or choose a more classic piece of jewellery if you want something that looks great with a professional outfit.

Pieces of jewellery from Dodo will make a great addition to your collection of accessories. You should check the collection of jewellery from Dodo to find pieces that match your style. You should be able to find some fun pieces that will go great with your outfits and allow you to display your originality.

For people in New Zealand, the exclusive supplier of Dodo jewellery is Orsini in, Auckland. You can either visit their boutique in Parnell or shop online at their website. This link will take you straight to the Dodo jewellery page

Diamond cuts

The Most Popular Cuts Of Diamond in New Zealand

Diamonds certainly are a girl’s best friend and today diamond jewellery is as popular as ever. If you are interested in diamonds, it is important to know the most popular cuts of diamond because each cut brings something individual and spectacular to the diamond. Below you will find a list of the cuts you will most often see in diamonds at the jewelers.

The different cuts of diamonds started somewhere in the late Middle Ages. The cut can alter the shape and appearance of the diamond. With today’s laser technology, cuts can be very complex but it is still an art. The cut will determine how the light will catch the different facets. The step cut baguette, for example pays more attention to the luster and clarity but not its fire. The princess cut diamonds are the opposite, accentuating the brilliance. This cut is the least wasteful of all the cuts of diamonds. Obviously the smaller the stone, the less intricate the cut whereas larger stones will be able to have different fancy cuts and many extra facets.

Round Diamonds

These round brilliant cut diamonds are by far the most popular cut today. In fact you will see this round cut in about 75% of all diamonds that are sold. This is because this shape reflects the light the most so the diamonds appear very bright. This classic cut is beloved by almost everyone.

Princess Cut Diamond

Princess- cut diamond

Princess- cut diamond – image mazaldiamond

This is a relatively new cut and is especially popular for engagement rings.  This can be a square or an oblong cut diamond having four beveled sides. If you look at the side, you will be able to see the shape of the stone resembles an inverted pyramid.

Oval Diamonds

These diamonds are actually a modified brilliant cut the same as almost all round cut diamonds. Therefore they catch the light very well and have the fire the same as its round cut sister. Because the shape is oval and there more elongated than the round diamonds, it actually gives the illusion that it is larger than it actually is. These diamonds look great on long fingers.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

This diamond shape is quite unique because of the step cuts of its pavilion as well as the large open table. This diamond has more of a mirror effect than a sparkle.

Marquise Diamond

This diamond is actually football-shaped. It is long and narrow so again it can look larger than it is. In fact, it has the largest surface of any of the diamond shapes. It is a modified brilliant-cut diamond.

Pear Shaped Diamonds

This diamond is a combination of the marquise shape and a round diamond. It therefore looks like a pear with the round shape tapering to a point at the other end. It is important that this pear shape is uniform.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamond ring

Cushion cut diamond ring

This is a square cut diamond with rounded corners so it is a bit like a pillow and that is why it has its name. This cut is ancient as well as classic and people have been wearing these cushion cut diamonds for around two hundred years!

Heart Shaped Diamonds

It seems that everyone loves heart shaped diamonds. They are unique and of course a symbol of love. The cut is a modified brilliant cut and they are most popular in a solitaire pendant as well as in rings, of course. This shape needs size to reflect its shape so with a small diamond of around say fifty carats, would be hard to discern the heart shape.

While there are many different cuts and shapes of diamonds, the person wearing it will usually have a definite preference for a certain shape and cut.

Once you have chosen the shape of diamond you want, you need to work with a good jewellery designer who can advise on the setting for the stone in the ring. They will help you choose the type of gold, the style of the ring itself and a range of other design factors.  So even though you may have a particular diamond cut there are many reasons to see a top-class jeweller. If you live in Auckland Orsini ( is one of the best NZ jewellery designers. Orsini’s website has some examples of fabulous diamonds and 18kt gold jewellery you can look at and then arrange your own private viewing.

Characteristics of custom jewellery

Custom Jewellery Designers in Auckland

Custom design sapphire ring

Custom design sapphire ring

Custom design jewellery refers to any small items worn for personal decoration and made to order, such as rings, earrings, necklaces, brooches and bracelets. You can attach custom jewellery to the clothes or the body, but jewellery itself only refers to durable ornamentation — this means that flowers are not an example. The typical material for jewellery for centuries has been metal, combined with gems, but shells and additional plant materials are also usable.

Jewellery is one of the oldest forms of archeological artifacts; the very oldest known beads come from Nassarius shells and date back more than 100,000 years. Jewellery often varies in its basic forms among cultures, but they all generally have considerable durability. The forms of jewellery in the above list have been prevalent in Western culture since ancient days, while jewellery for the ankle or nose, key in other cultures, are less frequent in Western jewellery.

While custom design jewellery may come from a wide variety of materials, gemstones, coral, amber, beads, precious metals and shells have all gone into custom pieces over the centuries. In just about every culture, jewellery serves as a status symbol and has meaning with its material properties, symbolism or patterns. Jewellery has come out for almost every part of the body, ranging from toe rings to hairpins. The decision to wear jewellery or not varies between the sexes and also from culture to culture. Whether the elderly or children wear jewellery is also something that varies by culture. Adult women wear jewellery in just about every culture; in Western culture, the number of men who wear jewellery is significantly lower than men in other cultures, as well as Western men in earlier time periods.

If you have ever wondered where the word “jewellery” comes from, the old French word “jouel” is the ancestor of the word “jewel” in English. Going back further, you get the Latin word “jocale,” which means “toy.”

Custom design diamond engagement ring

Custom design diamond engagement ring

Whether you have custom design jewellery or not, one purpose of jewellery has long been to confer status on the wearer. In the days of ancient Rome, only members of certain social strata could wear rings.  In later periods, only certain members of certain ranks could wear specific jewellery, and cultural mores have also played a role. In the West, for example, wearing earrings was considered an effeminate gesture for men in the 1800s and early 1900s. However, in more modern years, piercings have become more a sign of acceptance or even a mark of courage for some groups, while other groups reject it outright. The term “bling-bling” has come to mean the flashy show of jewellery by either men or women. “Bling” is one of the most common occurrences of custom design jewellery in modern times.

One way in which the jewellery industry changed cultural trends was to make wedding rings popular for men in the early 1900s. The industry also tried to make engagement rings popular for men, but that was not nearly as successful. By 1950, 85 percent of weddings in New Zealand had rings for both spouses. In contrast, only 15 percent featured rings for both in 1920. Making the wedding rings unique is one major source of business in the custom design jewellery industry.

Custom ring design

Custom ring design

No matter what design you choose, custom jewellery is a rewarding gift, whether for someone special or for yourself. Knowing the background of jewellery gives you a sense of history and tradition when making your own purchases.

Many people in the Auckland area want to buy custom designed jewellery. There are plenty of designers to choose from but among the best is Orsini Fine Jewellery. They are located in Parnell and have a range of their own custom-made pieces. These include diamond engagement rings, gold earring and necklaces with various gems to choose from. You can see their collection by visiting their shop or going to their site here. You definitely won’t see any bling but you will find some stunning pieces of finely crafted custom jewellery.

White gold engagement ring

How To Shop For White Gold Engagement Rings

If you are thinking about popping the question, you will want to give a ring that will influence your beloved to say “Yes!” You’ll need a ring that you know your intended will love. You should take care to make your purchase from a reputable jeweller who will provide a guarantee and who offers regular care and maintenance. Additionally, the ring you choose should be of the highest quality to withstand the test of time. For all of these reasons, you would do well to limit your ring search to a selection of white gold engagement rings. When you purchase white gold, you know you are getting the highest quality in a beautiful ring.

When you are shopping for an engagement ring in Auckland, you will do better if you have a clear understanding of the vocabulary you should use when discussing jewellery. This will make it easier for you to communicate with the jeweller. It may even help you get a better deal because it will be clear that you know what you are talking about and what you are looking at.

Understand that the band of an engagement ring is the part that fits around your bride’s finger so you will be looking for a white gold band. You will also want to ask about the types of maintenance they offer for the care of your white gold engagement ring. A good jeweller will have a regular maintenance plan in place to keep your ring choice looking beautiful.

White gold engagement ring

White gold engagement ring

You will also want to discuss the setting of the ring you choose. This is the part of the ring that firmly holds the diamond in place. You may choose from an invisible setting or a pronged setting, and it will probably be made of a different metal, such as platinum, for absolute security. A pronged setting is most secure, and it should have six prongs for added strength. A six-pronged setting is called a bezel.

Of course, the central feature of your white gold engagement ring is the gemstone. This is typically a diamond. You will want to choose the diamond carefully for several reasons. Of course, you will want a diamond that will appeal to your bride, so you should carefully observe the types of jewellery she chooses for herself. Also look at the jewellery items she admires on other women to get an idea of the size and cut (the shape of the stone) she likes best. You should also make sure that the diamond you purchase is conflict-free. In this way, you will know that your diamond was produced honestly and without violence from start to finish, providing a good omen and good fortune for your marriage.

When you decide you want to get married, you may feel very eager to buy the ring and pop the question, but be careful. Take some time to find the right jeweller. Of course, you may end up deciding to go with an online jeweller. This is fine as long as that jeweller has good recommendations and a great reviews and accreditations. Whether online or in person, the jeweller you choose should offer a great guarantee, an excellent service plan, good insurance and financing if you need it. Traditionally, an engagement ring should be valued at about two months’ salary.

White gold round diamond engagement ring

White gold round diamond engagement ring

Whether you actually purchase online or in person, you should do an online search to look at a variety of Auckland white gold engagement rings before you head out to a brick and mortar jewellery store. In this way, you will have a good idea of what you want and what you should pay. You may even wish to print off some pictures to take with you to show the jewellers. This may help you get exactly the ring you want at exactly the right price.

Another jeweller in Auckland that designs white gold engagement rings is Orsini in Parnell. You can see some of their rings on their website . The owner, Sarah, is a trained gemologist too so she can advise you about the engagement ring diamonds you want.

Diamond engagement rings

Diamond engagement rings – some useful tips

Engagement ring

Engagement ring- image Graeme Weatherston

The perfect engagement ring is the ultimate dream for many women. From when they were small girls they fantasise about the day their boyfriend pops the question and asks her to marry him.  And then gives her the most beautiful diamond engagement ring.  But for the man, the other side of the story is fraught with all kinds of concerns.

A man’s big concerns about a diamond engagement ring

Besides wondering if she will accept his marriage proposal his biggest concern is “Will she like the ring I choose?” For most men, they have never bought a ring before and therefore have very little idea about what they should be looking for.

This site will provide some useful tips about diamonds, engagement rings and how to buy a diamond engagement ring in Auckland.

First question, your budget for a ring

Some women would love a huge rock of a diamond on their hand while others are content with a much smaller stone knowing that the symbolism of the ring is more important than the actual size. As you have got to know your girlfriend over time, you will have a good idea of what type of woman she is.  This means you will know if she is motivated by the size of the diamond or whether she has a deeper motivation towards you.

Some men feel they have to get the biggest diamond they can even at great personal expense which means they stretch their budget so that other things have to go by the wayside. Frankly, this is not a sensible approach. You should put aside the social pressures for a huge stone and feel comfortable with whatever you choose to spend.  But do not put yourself into huge debt to fund the engagement ring.

Size isn’t everything

However, size does not fully determine the cost of the ring or the diamond. Certainly if two diamonds are equal in every other way apart from size, then a big diamond is going to be more expensive. But the important part of that sentence is “equal in every other way.”

The most important factor that affects the cost of a diamond is the clarity or the degree of purity.  If a diamond has impurities in it, then the price will be marked down accordingly.  In fact, there are world-wide industry standards which determine the grade of a diamond so it is relatively easy to have a diamond assessed.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Diamonds in AUckland

Diamond stones- image Boykung

Or so the song says but not all girls like diamonds. Some prefer other stones such as sapphires, emeralds, rubies or a whole range of semi-precious stones. Again, you will know your girlfriend’s preferences so bear this in mind when choosing a ring for her.

The style of an engagement ring

The style is in broad terms, the overall look of the ring. This can include the type of metal that is used ranging from traditional yellow 18kt gold ring, through various shades to pink and onto white gold.  Platinum is also often used for the ring band.

You can then consider modern or traditional styles.  Traditional ones will have more detailing while contemporary engagement ring designs tend to be more pure or refined in appearance.

The next consideration for the style will be the number of stones you choose.  A single diamond known as a solitaire is common as is the three-stone design.  But there are hundreds of different ones you can select from.

A final thought is the shape of the stone. This is more formally known as the Cut and there are a few standard cuts that jewellers use. These include the most common round cut, oval, cushion and Asscher cuts.  All have their own merits.

The cut affects the amount of shine or brilliance you will see from a diamond since each cut has different numbers of sides or facets.  This and the angle of those facets, reflect the light causing the radiance from the diamond.

Help in choosing an engagement ring

The best advice for a man buying an engagement ring in Auckland is to look for a good jeweller. There are plenty of shops around but some are better than others.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help, the staff are there to serve you.

This site has more information about diamond engagement rings so be sure to come back.

Choosing A Reputable Jeweller in Auckland

Choosing A Reputable Jeweller Shop in Auckland

The first step when looking for a beautiful piece of jewellery, whether it be a necklace or a diamond engagement ring, is finding a reputable Auckland jeweller in to give you the service that you deserve. It goes without saying that there are different jewellers that will offer a variety of services along with varying price ranges and styles. Whenever you are hoping to find a jeweller that you can work with over the long term, there are a few things that you will want to take into consideration. With proper planning, you can end up with a great relationship with a jeweller shop that can last for years and years into the future.

Diamond - oval cut

Diamond – oval cut- image Boykung

Sometimes, finding a jeweller that you can trust will be a difficult process. While you look around, you will want to make sure that you choose a shop that has a reputable staff that is knowledgeable in all areas of jewellery. Some of the best jeweller shops will employ staff that is honest, educated and client oriented. Establishing a working relationship with a shop that employs such people can make for an overall satisfying jewellery buying experience no matter what you are shopping for.

As you look for a reputable jeweller shop to work with, you will want to make sure that you are able to talk with the staff on hand to better understand any of the pieces that you are considering purchasing. Generally, you will want to make sure that you are dealing with a shop that uses only gemstones and diamonds that are graded by someone who is a certified Gemologist. Whenever you need some sort of appraisal, it is also equally as important that you use someone who is both accredited and trained through a reputable appraisal association.

When you go into your local jeweller shop, you are going to want to ask some questions so that you can get a feel of the overall situation. You want to make sure that you have a jeweller that listens to you and gives consideration to everything that you say. During the time that you visit, be sure to ask how long they have been in business and whether or not they do jewellery repairs on site or if they send the pieces out for repairs.

The main thing that you are looking for when dealing with a jeweller shop is personalised service. A good, personal jeweller will work hard to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for. For example, if they do not have a certain piece of jewellery or type of gemstone on hand, the best jeweller will be sure to look for them in order to show you at a later date. Generally speaking, you want a jeweller that is more than willing to go that extra mile to make sure that they can get you exactly what you are looking for instead of simply trying to move the inventory that they have in the display case.

Diamond engagement ring

Diamond engagement ring – image Surachai

Finally, you are going to see that there are several advantages when dealing with a physical jeweller shop in person versus online. With a face to face jeweller experience, you are going to be able to create a great working relationship along with an understanding of each piece of designer jewellery or wedding jewellery that you are having repaired or purchasing. The next time you are in the market for a ring, necklace, bracelet or even a watch, you are going to see that the right Auckland jeweller shop will be there to make sure that you end up with the perfect piece that you will be proud to show off or give as a gift.

There are lots of jewellers to choose from. Some are more high-end and offer bespoke jewellery. These are two very good jewellers in Auckland – Greg Holland and Orsini Fine Jewellery.  One is in Newmarket and the other is a jeweller in Parnell.

Orsini designs custom jewellery and also is an agent for some top Italian jewellery designers. For more info here.